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New product: acWBHighcharts.net, ASP.NET AJAX Controls for Highcharts, more...
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acWBHighcharts.net acWBHighCharts.net
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The Highsoft products (Highcharts, Highstock) are powerfull javascript components to display charts of various types. And to use them with ASP.NET AJAX, the acWBHighCharts.net product has been created. It simplifies completely the integration of a Highchart or Highstock chart in an ASP.NET page or in a user control (ascx).

Go to the page acWBHighCharts.net

Digital signature:

  • Provider: acDevSoftware, Alain Conod
  • Date: 23.11.2017 14:43:05
Downloadable software Software

All our downloadable software are now digitally signed:

  • acTelerikStyleAssembly
  • acTelerikStyleRenaming
  • acWSAT.net

Digital signature:

  • Provider: acDevSoftware
  • Date: 11.05.2016 14:27:17
Tool: acTelerikStyles Assembly v1.9 Tools
This application, acTelerikStylesAssembly v1.9, generates an assembly of Telerik Skins from several CSS Telerik zipped files created by Telerik StyleBuilder web application, by acTelerikStylesRenaming or by hands.

Download link: acTelerikStylesAssembly

See the ReadMe.txt file to have the list of changes.
Tool: acWSAT.net, v1.1.1 Tools
Screenshot of users pageASP.NET website administration tool (x86, x64), to manage membership users and roles.

New in this version 1.1.1:
  • Login page added to access all membership information
Downloadd link: acWSAT.net
Tool: acTelerikStyles Renaming v1.1 Tools
This application, acTelerikStylesRenaming v1.1, creates a new Telerik Skin from a base one. It copies and renames all directories, sub-directories and files from Telerik Skin to the new Skin. It changes also all base Skin name by the new one in all CSS files.

Download link: acTelerikStylesRenaming

See the ReadMe.txt file to have more explanations.