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Presentation of various features of acWBHighCharts.net.
All Highcharts/Highstock available

The grids below displays all Highcharts and Highstock taken in account by acWBHighcharts.net. Several examples are displayed in the Demonstration section.

Highcharts acWBHighCharts.net
area UIAreaHighChart
areanrange UIAreaRangeHighChart
areaspline UIAreaSplineHighChart
areasplinerange UIAreaSplineRangeHighChart
bar UIBarHighChart
boxplot UIBoxPlotHighChart
bubble UIBubbleHighChart
chart with different
serie types
column UIColumnHighChart
columnrange UIColumnRangeHighChart
errorbar UIErrorBarHighChart
funnel UIFunnelHighChart
gauge UIGaugeHighChart
heatmap UIHeatMapHighChart
line UILineHighChart
pie UIPieHighChart
polygon UIPolygonHighChart
pyramid UIPyramidHighChart
scatter UIScatterHighChart
solidgauge UISolidGaugeHighChart
spline UISplineHighChart
treemap UITreeMapHighChart
waterfall UIWaterfallHighChart
Highstock acWBHighCharts.net
area UIAreaHighStock
areanrange UIAreaRangeHighStock
areaspline UIAreaSplineHighStock
areasplinerange UIAreaSplineRangeHighStock
candlestick UICandleStickHighStock
column UIColumnHighStock
columnrange UIColumnRangeHighStock
flags UIFlagsHighStock
line UILineHighStock
ohlc UIOHLCHighStock
polygon UIPolygonHighStock
scatter UIScatterHighStock
spline UISplineHighStock
Simple to integrate in ASP.NET AJAX
In Visual Studio (Designer)
  1. In the header of your aspx page, add all necessary links to Highcharts or Highstock files.
  2. In Visual Studio Designer, drag and drop from the ToolBox one of the acWBHighcharts.net charts on the web page.
  3. Configure it with a help of these properties.
  4. And display the web page in a browser. See the display result in a browser in the point Integrated WebService with cross domain.
Various usable datasources

The datasources below can be used with acWBHighcharts.net.

Programmatic Datasources
ArrayList Collection DataSet
Other classes implementing IList or IEnumerable
Declarative Datasources
AccessDataSource EntityDataSource
LinqDataSource ObjectDataSource
SqlDataSource Other classes implementing IDataSource
Integrated WebService with cross domain

All web services returning data with format Json or JsonP for cross domain can be used with acWBHighcharts.net. These web services can be written in ASP.NET, PHP or any other programming languages.

acWBHighcharts.net uses the WebServiceGroup class to initialize the connexion to the web service:

<acdev:UICandleStickHighStock ID="Features_hgsCandleSticks" runat="server"
    Width="100%" Height="520px" BackColor="AliceBlue" LegendGroup-Enabled="True">
  <TitleGroup Title="CandleSticks with ASMX web service (ASP.NET)" />
  <SubTitleGroup Title="Source: www.irisos.ch" />
  <ChartGroup ZoomType="x" Reflow="True"></ChartGroup>
  <RangeSelectorGroup InputEnabled="False" Selected="1">
      <acb:UIHighChartsRangeSelectorButtonsGroup Type="all" Count="1" Text="All" />
  <LegendGroup Align="Right" VerticalAlign="Top"></LegendGroup>
    <acdev:UIHighStockCandleStickSerie UniqueName="CH0244767585" Name="UBS" YAxisIndex="0" />
    <acdev:UIHighStockCandleStickSerie UniqueName="US0378331005" Name="Apple Inc" YAxisIndex="1" />
    <acdev:UIHighStockXAxis AxisType="Datetime">
      <TitleGroup Title="Time" />
    <acdev:UIHighStockYAxis Offset="0" LineWidth="2" Height="50%">
      <TitleGroup Title="UBS" />
      <LabelsGroup Align="Right" XValue="-3" />
    <acdev:UIHighStockYAxis Offset="0" LineWidth="2" Top="50%" Height="50%">
      <TitleGroup Title="Apple Inc" />
      <LabelsGroup Align="Right" XValue="-3" />
  <ScrollBarGroup LiveRedraw="false" />
  <NavigatorGroup AdaptToUpdatedData="false" />
  <WebServiceGroup WebServiceUrl="http://irisosweb.irisos.ch/BarracudaService.asmx"
                    DeclarativeVariables="usn=DemoWebService,pad=DemoService22" />