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  • ziTexturedVectorField tool
    Image produced with ziTexturedVectorField tool and data of the Gulf of Lion (south of France).
  • ziArrows and ziMarker tools
    Image produced with ziArrows and ziMarker tools on magnetic dipole data (scalar and vector data).
  • ziCuttingPlane tool
    Image produced with ziCuttingPlane tool and scalar data (temperature) of the Gulf of Lions (south of France).
  • ziIsolayers tool
    Image produced with ziIsolayers tool on a generic scalar field (cylinder).
  • ziProbe tool
    Image produced with ziProbe tool showing a local vectorial field flow in a 'ziBox' region of interest.
  • ziGraduateScaler tool
    Image produced with ziGraduateScaler tool and data of the Gulf of Lion (south of France).
  • ziScalarSurface and ziAxis tools
    Image produced with ziScalarSurface and ziAxis tools.