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Foreword The user interface has various aspects. It can be likely to control and parameterize programmable automats, complex machines, or to display textual or graphic results.
Parametrization and controlling The control as well as the parameter setting of programmable automats or machines require an understand and precise interface, in a word: ergonomic For example, to parameterize a test on a machine of measures acquisition, we can call upon a wizard presenting several pages of options at the continuation. These options are grouped by theme thus supporting the complete parameter setting of the session of measures acquisition. The image on the right shows some possibilities of user interface to set various parameters of a system of measures acquisition. You can request from us the complete creation of a user interface according to your possible parameter settings, controls, or then provide us drafts for the realization of this one. We interact also directly with the following systems:
  • Beckhoff (Twincat)
  • Schneider-Electric (PL7)
  • National Instrument (LabView, LabWindows, Measurement Studio ou NI-DAQ)
Visualization of results The textual or graphic data display is of capital importance. This one must provide all the indications in a clear and precise way so that the user can take adequate decisions if its data do not correspond to its waitings, or that it can visualize them various manners. The image on the right shows a graphic possibility in 2D to display the results obtained from a session of measures acquisition. Your requests as regards displays of results can include 2D, 3D or text visualizations, or take other forms. We are with the listening of your specific needs so that your results, measures and other data are displayed at the best and most clearly possible.